Mobile Friendly Test for Logins by PageSpeed Insights

This tool allows you to test the mobile friendly version of your login page by using the full URL of the website. The results and suggestions for improvement will be displayed below.

The tool is powered in partnership with Google’s PageSpeed Insights service. Enter the full URL of the login page you would like to test to receive your report.


Mobile Friendly Test by PageSpeed InsightsThere are times when developers will forget the importance of user experience for back-end services that require authentication. Login pages are part of this user experience.

By testing how easily a visitor can use your login page on a mobile device you can give them a consistence funnel to their account. See how your page scores and if there are ways you can improve the mobile sign in of your website.

Web-pages are being accessed more on mobile devices with every passing day. Design your log in authentication area so that it will pass a mobile friendly test. High scores will ensure that your login pages perform well on all mobile devices for your users.

LocalUpgrade’s Mobile Friendly Test tool powered by PageSpeed Insights is very easy to use. Any URL redirect that has been implemented by the page will be followed by the test and should process without an error.

Testing for mobile friendliness of a login page typically takes less than a 60 seconds to complete. The results will include a screenshot of how the login page looks on a mobile device.

A list of any mobile usability problems that are found will be shown. Usability problems on mobile logins can affect a user that visits the page on their mobile device, affecting how they sign in. Common issues include large image and small font sizes or the use of Adobe Flash.

The login page you test should be publicly accessible or you may receive an error. If a mobile friendly test ran cannot load all the page resources in use, you will receive a warning. Resources tested are elements by the login page, such as images, CSS, or script files.

Other access problems that may cause the PageSpeed Insights Mobile Friendly test for login pages to fail include network connectivity issues or a website being down.

These issues will need to be resolved before a test can give you a report back.

If you have errors and need to improve a login page for your users after receiving a Mobile Friendly test, LocalUpgrade encourages you to put these mobile-friendly login page design tips to use.