What Is My IP Address?

My IP address is better than yours? Maybe! Because this tool is fast, accurate, and simply shows what your IP address is, your question is about to be answered.

No, your IP is not any better than another. And my IP is not your IP because every connected device to the Internet has an IP address of its own. It is unique like you.

What is my IP address?Your IP address is:

Our tool is not the only way you can find the public IP address of your computer or mobile device you are looking at this page with. There are other ways.

If you need another way of looking up what your Internet Protocol address is, look no further, we have instructions at the bottom of this page for finding your IP address.

When you proposed the question “What is my IP address” and searched for the answer, have you thought about why you need to know this information?

Sometimes you need to know your IP address to communicate with Internet customer service professionals (though you should be cautious giving this out to unknown vendors or businesses with which you do not have a prior history).

An IP address request from technical support is one of the most common reasons that you will want your IP information and typically only would be something your Internet Service Provider should be curious about in a customer service situation.

What is my IP address anyway?

An IP address is a series of digits that are attached to Internet capable devices that can be attached or are connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. “IP” is short for Internet Protocol.

This digital protocol serves two primary functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.

IP Addresses like yours shown above are managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority along with five regional Internet registries. IP addresses can be fixed (static) or dynamic (changing depending on device software).

What if you don’t want to use our “Whats My IP Address” tool to find out what your IP address is? Here are the other (more complicated) ways we mentioned earlier.

How to Find Out Your IP Address on a Windows PC

  • On a Windows PC, users can find their IP address by running a command prompt.
  • Click on the start menu or Windows button then select Run.
  • In the box available, type CMD and click OK.
  • A prompt will appear and in that prompt the user should type IPCONFIG.
  • The window will then display your IP address information.

How to Find Out Your IP Address on a Apple Computer

  • To find your IP address on your Mac, open up the Terminal and type IFCONFIG in the prompt.
  • Terminal is available by default on every Mac computer and is part of the OS X operating system. You can find Terminal by going to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

How to Find Out Your IP Address on a Linux System

The process on Linux is very simple.

  • To find what your IP is on a Linux system type IFCONFIG, which will display the information for you.

How to Find Out Your IP Address Using Windows OS

  • In Windows 7, click on Start then Control Panel and select “View network status and tasks.”
  • In Windows 10, type “Network and Sharing Center” on the Cortana search box.

Finding what your IP address is not the challenge it used to be. Technology has made it simple and we hope that you will agree our tool has given you the answer to your original question.