Secure Password Generator

LocalUpgrade takes login security very very seriously and you should too. Our secure password generator is free to use so you can create stronger passwords instead of trying to come up with something on your own.

With the LocalUpgrade generator for secure passwords, you can choose from upper and lower letters, numbers and other special characters to make your new password very strong.

The passwords that are generated by our tool are only done temporary and within your current browser session. This means that the passwords generated by our tool are not saved anywhere. You can copy and use the password immediately and keep your online accounts safe.

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Take your login password seriously and do not use passwords that are easy to guess. You may get away with easy to remember passwords for a short time but it never lasts.

Strong Password GeneratorHacking and data theft increases every day, and new all-time record highs are being seen by people and organization every day all over the world. Becoming a victim yourself is something that will occur in your lifetime at least once.

Don’t chance it and use strong passwords to secure the login pages where you have data stored. Here are a few more tips on what makes a strong password secure.

  • Do not use obvious dictionary words or combinations of words found in the typical dictionary. Even a combination of a few words, especially if they are well known, is very bad. For example, “pizza” is not a good password and “goodpizza” is also bad. Pick complex or words that you have made up.
  • 14 Characters Minimum! Make your password length very long. Our secure password generator support password generation up to 64 characters in length. There is no minimum password length every security expert agrees with, but you should set passwords that are a minimum of 14 characters in length. Today’s hacking software tools are very advanced and can compromise your account login fast.
  • Always include Symbols, Capital Letters, Numbers and a mix of Upper-Case and Lower-Case Letters. These different types of characters combined together make your password harder to find. All of these suggested features are included in the above secure password generator for free.