You Should Verify a Domain Name Registration

Starting a new website can be a daunting task – there are so many different aspects to consider! Something could be lurking behind your next domain name registration. Investigate Domain Name Registration

Don’t fall victim to bad drops and old claims.

Once you’ve chosen a host, or are in the process of looking for one, you may also be simultaneously be thinking about what you want your new domain name to be.

What if you find out your chosen domain name is currently owned by someone else?

Are you just out of luck? Not at all.

You can do a domain registry lookup and possibly negotiate with the current owner to purchase the domain name – especially if it isn’t even in use as a website!

There are a few reasons to verify the owner a domain through domain name registration.

Domain registration lookup services can verify the owners of domain names as well as how to contact them for business proposals and other services.

One commonplace example of how domain registration would be used is if a company or individual is in the market to purchase a particular domain name that is currently owned by another person.

Using a domain registration lookup service, the would-be buyer can find the relevant contact information for the domain name he wants to purchase in order to contact that buyer to initiate negotiations to purchase that domain name.

If a domain owner wishes to keep his personal or business information private from potential buyers or business partners, he can verify that this is the case using a domain name registry to lookup. If the owner finds his name in the database, then his information is not secure and his host may have failed to implement the correct privacy settings.

To check the owner of a domain, you need to use a domain registry look-up service.

These services will provide owner information, contact information, and even website administrator contact information as registered with the domain’s host.

Information of particular use to domain name purchasers includes the purchase date and when the current registration expires. Not all domains will have complete information and to correct any inaccurate information one needs only inform the registry of its errors. They will verify the new information with the domain owner.

WhoIs is probably the most robust and easy-to-use service available on the web but its information is not always entirely accurate. You can verify the information you find on WhoIs by using other websites.

One example of abuse of domain name registration is when spammers use the service to flood the inboxes of website owners with various solicitations and promotional materials – definitely not something any website owner wants to see in their email inbox.

Using the domain registry service will help you streamline the process of obtaining the domain name you want as outlined in the beginning example, but there are so many other uses for it as well. The simplicity of WhoIs services means this information is not only readily available but also easily accessible for anyone who may need it.

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